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Janita Lalila

It´s Janita. Freelance graphic designer and illustrator since 2001. Deeply in love with Photoshop Brushes and skipping to much sleepingtime while turning everything into new designs that looks like a lovely brushset could come out in the morning. Oldschoolishly drawing doodles, scanning cappuccino stains, photographing bunnyfur and working with PS 7 ever since. Mostly working as an eventmanager doing graphics, merchandise and marketing for events, musicians and clubs. Studying in the meantime and working at a bar on weekends. Sleep is overrated anyways...

  • Seishido.biz_brusheezy_calendar
    Calendrier Noël gratuit de Seishido.biz
  • Seishido.biz_brusheezy_glimmer
    FREE Seishido.biz Bubble Doodle Brushes
  • Seishido.biz_brusheezy_aplacetobe
    Pinceaux gratuits en plumes Seishido.biz
  • Seishido.biz_brusheezy_angelonfire
    FREE Seishido.biz Brosses de fantaisie
  • Seishido.biz_brusheezy_madmoiselle
    FREE Seishido.biz Brosses à texture florale
  • Seishido.biz_brusheezy_himitsu
    FREE Seishido.biz Brosses d'ornement
  • Seishido.biz_brusheezy_minallmine
    FREE Seishido.biz Brosses de fleurs affligées
  • Seishido.biz_brusheezy_outoftheblue
    Pinceaux floraux gratuits Seishido.biz
  • Seishido.biz_brusheezy_glitterflies
    FREE Seishido.biz Butterfly Brushes
  • Seishido.biz_brusheezy_yaminomatsuei
    FREE Seishido.biz Grungy Star Paper Brushes
  • Seishido.biz_brusheezy_scarlett
    Pinceaux de texture gratuits Seishido.biz
  • Seishido.biz_brusheezy_thousandsunny
    FREE Seishido.biz Brosses de fantaisie
  • Seishido.biz_brusheezy_imaginaryfriend
    Pinceaux de griffonnage Seishido.biz gratuits
  • Floral7
    Brosses florales 7
  • Cutedoodles
    Brosses mignonnes Doodles
  • 003-watercolors
    Principes de base de l'aquarelle
  • Seishido.biz_brusheezy_minallmine
    FREE Seishido.biz Brosses de fleurs affligées
  • Watercolor_bushes_1
    Wg aquarelle brosses vol1
  • Wall_grunge_textures
    Textures grunge grunge
  • Splatter_1
    Wg splatter vol1
  • 300x220
    Splatters de sang séché
  • Previewimage
    Carnet d'expression d'adolescence
  • Rock-thumb
    Rock & Roll
  • Thumb
    Peinture 7